Sticky’s Backyard

Sticky's BackyardAn all-original rock band that creates a unique musical experience with every performance. Infectious hooks and sing-along melodies evolve into improv jam sessions. Come enjoy a truly original and locally-grown sound. Check our website for more info or "Like" us on Facebook.

Eclectic and Electric Jam Rock

Sticky's BackyardCheck out a few tunes from our recent acoustic gig at the Sleeping Lady in Fairfax, CA.

Hello WordPress!

As a long time web developer, I was used to building sites by hand. No fancy templates or widgets, just raw code and hours of hair-pulling labor. Well, I finally discovered WordPress and suddenly the lights came ON. I feel as though I was touched by the hand of God, it’s so easy and looks […]

Black Belt Paper #2

Since this is the second black belt paper I have written, I thought it would be easy to simply update the original. I couldn’t have been more wrong. When I read through the paper I wrote back in 2003, I really didn’t like what I had written. In fact, I barely recognized it as my […]